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Fierce Women - All the right cards

Fierce Women is a fun, educational and dynamic social card game that familiarizes the players with fierce women who have made significant contributions to society in the fields of culture, politics, science, human rights, and art.

The educational social game Fierce women represents a fun way of transferring the issue of gender equality from the level of political platitudes to everyday life and of making women's achievements visible to other women and girls, which can serve as an inspiration in their professional life and choice of occupation and training.

The game has been created by the non-government organization Expanse of Gender and Media Culture 'Common Zone', most widely known for its independent medium and the Vox Feminae Film Festival, which have been promoting ideas and accomplishments of individuals and movements in the fields of gender equality, social justice and independent culture for the last 12 years. For the last 16 months, we have been working on illustrations, rules and design, and recently we finally produced and tested a prototype of the game. Everyone who had seen and played the game was delighted with it!

In order to share our crowning achievement with as many people as possible and to educate, inspire and entertain people from all over the world, we are launching the crowdfunding campaign Fierce Women – "All the Right Cards" with the goal of printing and distributing 1000 copies of the Fierce Women game.

Art on every card, inspiration at every move

The game is named after the eponymous section on the website which promotes the work and contributions of women to society through informative biographical texts and which has been recognized by our readers as one of the most popular sections. “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman”, wrote Virginia Woolf, and the truthfulness of her words is confirmed every time you ask someone to list five women physicists, film directors or philosophers.

The goal of the Fierce Women game is to break down gender stereotypes and prejudices about women's abilities, interests and achievements, and to make their work more visible, thereby empowering new generations of fierce women.

The game was created in collaboration with eight Croatian women artists (Sanja Stojković, Rina Barbarić, Tea Šokac, Željka Tkalčec, Ana Kovačić, Ivana Štrukelj, Branka Hollingsworth and Nataša Rašović) and writer and programmer Želimir Periš.

The game consists of 56 cards containing illustrations and short biographies of Fierce Women who made great contributions to society in the fields of science, culture, politics, art and human rights, and of 8 additional action cards that add complexity to the game. Among family or friends, it can be played by 2-5 players. The rules are simple, so the game is suitable even for younger generations, from age 5 onwards. Due to its educational component and suitability for all generations, the game can also be used in the classroom or workshops.

Fierce women is a socially engaged card game dedicated to women, offering a meaningful way to spend free time by providing knowledge, inspiration and empowerment through socializing and fun. The game is the first product of our future social enterprise in which we plan to collaborate with artists, theorists and scientists from all over the world, develop new products that raise awareness about gender equality, and promote women's entrepreneurship and cultural production.

Join the campaign by donating through the Indiegogo platform and claiming a perk of your choice, and by spreading the word about the campaign! :)

Play the equality card, support Fierce Women!

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